What Makes My Courses Different?

It's been established that whilst diets in the main fail it's not the diet it's the individual. So why do individuals fail? There are many answers to this question but we will cover a few here:

Time: Time to adhere to the strict rules, recipes, and exercise regimes.

Motivation: The ability to get motivated, and stay motivated.

External Sources: Work, Family, Friends all of which can affect your confidence, motivation, time, and self belief.

Emotional Eating: Eating when we are bored, upset, or just feeling under the weather.

How does it work?

We take you through an 8 week course that helps you recognise the above issues, and many more using our interactive video and audio program you will be able to recognise your own issues and deal with them, not only will the course help you manage your mind, it will help you move forward in a sustained positive way, that will enable you to take on diet regimes or better still control the way you eat, why you eat, and how you eat. On the course you will see food plans, activity, and emotional Diaries to allow you to self assess what you are doing and what you need to do, in a way that suits your lifestyle.

What will I get from the course?

Imagine being able to recognise your bad choices, and urges that make you put weight on, and being able to not only control them but do more, feel more positive and successful in your endeavour. You will be able to improve your relationship with food, friends and colleagues make better life choice and learn new skills that help you improve your life.

With the right training you can be successful, but don't take our word for it, we are giving a money back guarantee if we don't deliver on our course, we are also offering a subscription plan that will reduce your outlay to a monthly cost rather than an upfront fee, which you can cancel at any time. That's right we're backing you!